• ARUCAD | Faculty of Arts - Message From the Dean
    Message From the Dean

    Faculty of Arts at ARUCAD is based mainly on the contemporary needs and requirements to fill the gap in arts and design education that exists not only in Cyprus, but also in the region. One of the key goals of our university is to educate our students with a well-designed academic programme based on productivity. Additionally, it also aims to broaden the creativity of our students, considering the interdisciplinary nature and principles of traditional and contemporary art.

    In this faculty the courses are designed as a combination of theory and practice. Furthermore, our students will be educated in a programme that will improve their intellectual background and practical ability so that young artists possessing talent and the ability of thinking will contribute to improve the standard of arts in the region.

    The primary objective of the departments of the faculty is to raise the concepts of artistic quality, competence and works of art, not only in Cyprus, but also in the region as a whole. For this reason, international co-operation and co-operative projects will be part of both academic and artistic activities in our institution.

    Besides the high quality of education, international students will be given the chance to be aware of the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Cyprus with the view to inspire them to produce multicultural works of art.

    In order to live in a humanistic civilization, the power of art is a must. It is best to keep in mind that the mentality of modern civilization and humanism requires art.

    Prof. Dr. Turan Aksoy