• ARUCAD | Faculty of Communication - Message from the Dean
    Message from the Dean

    The Faculty of Communication provides expert pedagogy and a nurturing environment that enables world-class creative practice and academic research in the field of multimedia communication and visual communication design. The enormous creative potential of new media forms like virtual reality, and the synesthetic and performative turns in art, promise transformative new horizons for practitioners and fertile ground for philosophers. The departments of Cinema, New Media and Visual Communication Design offer students, artists and researchers with an exciting and supportive environment in which to explore, both creatively and philosophically, how the digital revolution has altered not only our modes and aesthetics of communication, transforming both commerce and art, but also our modes of experiencing and expressing our humanity.

    We deploy a multidisciplinary approach and deliver a singular and art-centred curriculum that extends from the ancient technologies of mnemonics in the 5th century BC, through to contemporary philosophy and the concept of the post-human in the Anthropocene epoch.

    Prof. Alev Adil