ARUCAD - Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design
    • Mediterranean Sunset

      “The Mediterranean Sunset” exhibition will be opened by the Honorable Minister of Education and Culture Mr. Cemal Ozyigit in the presence of artist Mr. Cengiz Bodur, Senior Instructor at ARUCAD, on Friday the 9th of March, 2018 at 7 pm at Art Rooms, and will remain open until Friday the 30th of March from 12 pm till 9 pm.

    • Rodin 177 Years
      François Auguste René Rodin was born on November 12, 1840 tarihinde doğdu.   François-Auguste-René Rodin was a successful child. The news which came from the school of Design and Mathematics, La Petite École, where children with special abilities were accepted, changed his life. He was accepted by the school and discovered sculpture. Everything started with painting, his skill on pattern developed as time passed by. In 1871 they opened their first exhibition with Rose Beuret in Belgium. After a few months, he began to work on a bronze sculpture called The Age of Bronze. It was a life-size human body. By 1882, after making the sculptures Adam, Eve and The Thinker, everyone had accepted him as a great sculptor. The art circles were talking about Auguste Rodin. He made The Kiss in 1884. The great Fr...
    • Workshops

      All of ARUCAD’s studios, ateliers and workshops are state of the art. They are designed and equiped for maximum interdisciplinary, crosscultural, visually creative production, whether students are working in visual arts, sculpture, digital imaging or with time-based media, or in a product which is a combination of all the forementioned. ARUCAD is envisaged as a cutting-edge visual arts university competing on a global level.






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