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    The Message From The Director

    Arkın Center for Art & Design(ARCAD) is the unit responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing various training programmes.  Subsequent to ARUCAD’s official opening, besides its undergraduate programmes, ARCAD’s professional formation structure will allow different training programmes to cater for the needs of different parts of society.   

    The Arkın Center for Art & Design offers various personal and professional development certificate programs that are designed to meet the learning needs and interests of different age groups and institutions within the fields of art, design and communication. In ARCAD, it is aimed to enrich the life of participants through courses that are designed by unifying theory and practice. To be attached to universal artistic values is a necessity for ARCAD.

    Our certificate programmes based on unifying expertise and practise, either on traditional techniques or digital platforms, are organised into two categories: Open Programs and Corporate Programs. 

    Prof. Dr. Ümit İnatçı 
    Arkın Center for Art & Design