• ARUCAD | Candidate Student - Application

    Candidates should download and fill out the Application Form and send it to admissions@arucad.edu.tr together with the additional documents listed below. The document should be in a pdf or jpeg format. All candidates must name their documents as “Portfolio, Statement of Purpose, International Exam Result, Passport, Official Transcript and Diploma”.    

    It is the applicants' responsibility to ensure that the information contained in the application documents is correct and up to date.

    Other documents that must be sent during application:  

    1. Original Portfolio: All candidates must upload a portfolio which consists of their original works.  

    2. Statement of Purpose: All candidates must write a statement of purpose detailing their backgrounds, their preferred department/programme, why they have chosen this department as well as their career plans after graduation.   

    3. Recommendation Letters: In the Application From, candidates must provide contact information of two persons who are familiar with the applicant and can write recommendation letters if asked by our admissions team.

    4. Valid International Exam Result: Candidates who have attended IELTS or TOEFL exams should provide copies of their score reports.

    5. Passport: International candidates must upload scanned copy of their passports. It is sufficient to send a copy of the page containing the applicants photo and identification details.

    6. Official Transcript and Diploma: Where applicable candidates need to upload an official transcript of high school courses and grades and diploma.

    * The amount of scholarship given to the applicants will be determined after the examination of their portfolio, statements of purpose and recommendation letters by the instructors of the selected department. No additional applications are required for scholarship. 

    You may call +90 (392) 650 65 55 or visit info@arucad.edu.tr website to get further information.