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    Scholarship Opportunities

    Erbil Arkın Scholarships   

    25%, 50%, 75% and 100% undergraduate scholarships under the name of “Erbil Arkın Scholarships” will be granted to all students who have a remarkable success during the application process. 

    All applicants will be considered for scholarships. To apply for a scholarship there is no other requirements other than the result of the application process.   

    100% Scholarship           

    100% SCHOLARSHIPS are to be given to those applicants who are eligible to be included in the top 50 students. 100% Scholarship will be awarded according to the results of Portfolio, Statement of Purpose and Recommendation Letters.  

    25% Scholarship        

    All students admitted within the first 12 months will automatically receive 25% Scholarship

    Academic Scholarships               

    Students who have 3.50 and above GPA have the right to apply for Academic Scholarships for each semester.