• ARUCAD | Erbil ARKIN | Chairman, Board of Trustees

    I believe that having graduated from an art and design faculty makes me think creatively, even though I am a businessman. To my mind art and business are one. Just like art and civilization are one. The latter will be the motto for ARUCAD. 

    First as a collector, then as the owner of an art gallery, now, opening an art academy has raised my ideals about art and that gives me a completely different responsibility as an investor. My dream of establishing ARUCAD is now a reality. Now we have an art and design university and from now on my presence as an investor has a different meaning. I can imagine how it is going to cause a cultural fusion to enable all talented young people from our country and other countries to come together.

    Students here in ARUCAD will both learn and produce; they will learn while they are producing, they will produce while they are learning. I am sure that we will be able to educate young, talented artists who have a universal, cultural vision with an academic programme based on the correct correlation between theory and practice. We will all see another possible form of life and culture when art, design and communication intersect with creativity. Here is to happy, artful days ahead. 

    Erbil ARKIN
    Chairman, Board of Trustees
    ARUCAD | Sinan ARKIN | Vice-Chairman, Board of Trustees

    To plan the infrastructure of an art university and construct all educational and productional circumstances based on ideal artistic values requires a completely different way of thinking. At a university focused on art and design, the best way for students to be educated is both theoretically and practically. Students should have the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge. To form such a balanced system requires devoted work and economic burden.

    In that respect, it is not difficult to recognize how risky it is to have such high aims given today’s conditions. If we believe that art and civilization are one, we have to be aware that civilization consists of so many risks taken in the name of creating difference. When awareness, courage and enthusiasm come together, it is possible to overcome all obstacles. ARUCAD is not only a university, but also an ideal. 

    Sinan ARKIN
    Vice-Chairman, Board of Trustees