• ARUCAD | Future

    As a new university ARUCAD has a priviliged place in academic life of Cyprus with its academic staff, physical infrastructure, innovative and entrepreneurial planning ability in the field of art and design. The course outline which has been designed considering whole needs of our era is supported by full capacity equipments and ateliers. Our ateliers are designed to make our instructors and students improve their abilities and motive them to produce more. 

    The aim of ARUCAD whose motto is “art and civilization are one” is quality production which is the combination of aesthetic and performance. Either practical or aesthetic, life standarts should be high to have a quality life. That’s what ARUCAD has aimed.

    Production ateliers are constructed based on the idea “learning while producing, producing while learning”. It is also aimed to pave the way for innovations in terms of art in our country and the region. When our instructors from other nationalities share their experiences with our students, this will cause a cultural synthesis and create a multi cutlural learning environment. Besides that, the way  international students interact with each other will also inspire them to produce multicultural work of arts. ARUCAD’s future can be summarized as creating a new artistic synthesis and finding out a unique art-design mentality.