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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eser Keçeci

Eser Keçeci


Plastic Arts


She was born in 1980 in Nicosia-Cyprus. She received her bachelor degree in Ceramic Art from the Faculty of Fine Art, Hacettepe University in Turkey. She got her master from the same university (2002-2003), with the dissertation: “Installations as the Language of Expression in the shaping of thought conveyed by Ceramic Applications”. In 2004, she started her academic career as a part-time lecturer in the faculties of Architecture and Performing Arts. She continues as a Full-time lecturer in the Faculty of Fine Art (2006-2011) and Faculty of Communication (2011-19). She completed Phd studies in 2019, with the dissertation : “Graffiti as Ideological Communication Tools: LGBTI Graffiti in Nicosia Streets since 2012”, at Near East University.
Her articles were published in academic journals and presented her research findings in national and international conferences on art education, Graffiti and culture. Her researches deal with semiotic analysis of works of arts with the critical cultural perspective of queer theories.
Besides national workshops, Kececi have participated in several workshops and exhibitions in Britain, USA, Mexico, Bulgaria and Turkey. Her works of arts in ceramic sculptures and paper art have been presented in several national and international exhibitions. Her solo ceramic sculpture exhibition was in Adana, Turkey in 2005. She is currently a member in the following associations: Ceramist Association in Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean Art Association in North Cyprus, Cyprus Paper Artist Association, and Open Studios Association in South Cyprus.

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