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Asst. Prof. Dr. İnal Bilsel



Sound Arts and Design


With over two decades of experience in the music industry, Inal Bilsel has gained quite a notable reputation for his solo career and collaborations. A multifaceted and award-winning composer, Inal Bilsel’s work sits in the crossroads of music and visual arts, fact and fiction, nostalgia and future dystopia, and narrativity and conceptual. His broad spectrum of interests and output include electronic, classical, contemporary, film and experimental music.

With his second album, Paradise Lost (2018, Epic Istanbul), Inal established his take on electronic music, culminating his entire musical and artistic experience into a narrative concept album with a self-contained world. He is also known for his exuberant audio-visual performances named under Tales From The Future, of which he performed in a wide range of festivals and venues at home and abroad, including Sonar Istanbul, Salon IKSV, Fengaros Reacts, Farma Projekt, Buffer Fringe, Urban Gorillas, Electric Cicadas, Maki Fest, and many others.

Trained in music composition at Royal Holloway, University of London and Eastern Mediterranean University. In 2007, he won the grand prize of Notion International Composition Competition and his piece Nilay’s Dream was performed and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. Inal is also known for scoring music for short films including A Mother’s Sonata and Free Fun by Fehmi Öztürk; The Hunt and Letters From Cyprus by Sholeh Jahrei and Kamil Saldun; and, The Delivery and Random attempts by Doğuş Özokutan and Vasvi Çiftçioğlu.

Inal has previously taught a wide range of courses at the Eastern Mediterranean University and PERA school of contemporary dance, such as sound design for game and animation students; music theory, form and analysis, harmony and counterpoint for music students; and media exploration and concepts in music for dance students. ​Inal Bilsel is an Epic Istanbul (Sony Music Turkey) artist and has most recently completed his PhD degree in music composition at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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