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Asst. Prof. Dr. Juan Castrillón



Sound Arts and Design


He graduated from the department of anthropology of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at Universidad of Antioquia in 2010. He earned his doctoral degree in ethnomusicology with a graduate certificate in experimental ethnography from the University of Pennsylvania in 2021. His intellectual agenda focuses on analytics of listening, world-building practices and contemporary healing arts in Anatolia, Turkey, the Northwest Amazon in Colombia, and in Philadelphia. His research methods include collaborative projects for producing photographs, texts, films, artifacts, and installations. The experimental ethnography he develops is a performative response to contemporary debates in the humanities about decoloniality, object-oriented ontologies, audile worlds, and indigenous analytics of technology.

His installations and sound art compositions have been exhibited at the Crane Arts Gallery in Philadelphia, at the Arthur Ross Gallery and at the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library of the University of Pennsylvania. His academic work has been published in academic journals, book chapters, and his films are permanently featured at New Media Review of the Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA). His films have been shown in international film festivals in London, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Granada, Washington, and Copenhagen, and in academic conferences in Helsinki, Baltimore, Vienna, and Bogotá. In 2021, The International Council of Traditional Music awarded him the honorable mention of the Best Documentary Film Price for Kiraiñia (Long Flutes). Currently, he is the Gilbert Seldes Multimodal Postdoctoral Fellow at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, and member of the Center for Research and Collaboration in the Indigenous Americas (CRACIA), and the Substantial Motion Research Network (SMRN).

Apart from his academic career, he is a performer of Turkish Sufi Music, community organizer, facilitator of a music therapy protocol, and pursues Ottoman calligraphy and Ney reed flute training under Turkish instructors.

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