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Asst. Prof. Dr. Maria Panta


Maria Panta completed her PhD research degree titled, ‘Approaches to the resilience and the potential for adaptation through community-driven construction projects in the global South’, at Canterbury School of Architecture in 2018 (awarded funding for 3.5 years by the University for the Creative Arts, UK). She undertook her primary research in rural Ghana as a community architect and participant in the Earth Architecture construction workshop through NKA Foundation, a local community driven organization. Maria is the online editor for The Architects’ Project (TAP). She acts as a Board Member and Senior Advisor for Environmental Foundation for Development (EFD). Maria is currently leading the bi-communal cooperation project titled, ‘Bricks of Resilience’, in collaboration with the METU Northern Cyprus Campus, part-funded by the Stelios Bi-communal Cyprus Award by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation
In June 2018 till present, Maria has been the Project Coordinator, Trainer & Teacher on Adobe brickmaking and building, through a placement in Environmental, Archaeological & Traditional Skills funded by ERASMUS+ within the framework of ‘EU GREEN VILLAGE – SUSTAINABLE BUILDING – CONTEMPORARY APPLICATIONS OF ADOBE BRICK’.
Furthermore, she became an associate of Women’s Design Service (WDS) in 2010 and got involved as a community architect, researcher, workshop facilitator/coordinator in community-led design projects using participatory design consultations.
Maria Panta works in ARUCAD Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department.

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