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Asst. Prof. Dr. S. Handan Ergiydiren Doğan



Contemporary Dance


Sabriye Handan Doğan, is an academic in the fields of design, choreography and dance-theatre-performance, and graduated from Middle East Technical University Department of Industrial Design. This was followed with a master’s degree in art from the Hacettepe University Theatre Department, and a master’s degree in Dance Studies at London’s Laban Centre. Doğan, is awarded with PhD degree by Theatre Department of Ankara University. She was the founder, trainer and director- choreographer of the Middle East Technical University Contemporary Dance Ensemble (1986-89), the Balemodern-Ankara Ensemble (1989-97), and the 22/11 Project Group (since 2007), which produces contemporary dance, theatre and performance projects. Since 1993, she has been working as a choreographer in the productions of the Turkish State Theatre and Istanbul City Theatre. In her original performance projects and works she has adopted the principle of prioritising the backgrounds  and the quality of movement of the performers who intertwine text, design, architecture, sound and body / movement elements in their works and undertake their expression on the stage. Especially in her most recent productions that are close to the concept of performance, she seeks to create an environment for the audience to witness the “moment” and invites them to take emotional risks. Doğan, who has presented a wide variety of practical and theoretical dance, acting and design courses at many universities in Turkey; Hacettepe State Conservatory- Contemporary Dance and Theatre Programs; Bilkent- Department of Theatre, Başkent Faculty of Fine Arts, Ankara University-State Conservatory-Department of Modern Dance, Kadir Has-Faculty of Arch and Design, Haliç-Department of Acting, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf- Faculty of Arch and Design, Doğuş- Faculty of Fine Arts and Design and Muğla Sıtkı Koçman – Department of Theatre. Doğan was awarded the 2011 Choreographer of the Year by  the “Tiyatro” (Theatre) magazine for her choreographic contribution in “Dangerous Liaisons” at the Istanbul City Theatre and awarded the 2015 Choreographer of the Year in “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Ekin Yazın Dostları.

Following the first project titled “Show Me Your Wet Swimwear” under the umbrella of the “22/11 Project”, she is continuing with the joint projects “Diss” and “Luvstory”, “If Only We Could Sit at a Table” (Dance Platform Istanbul 2010 project), the Harold Pinter play “Old Times” (Istanbul City Theatres – Genç Tiyatro) and lastly with the dance-performance project named “Deers, Hours, Fellows”.


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