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Asst. Prof. Dr. Sinan Arkın



Sinan Arkın was born in Istanbul in 1981. He completed his undergraduate degree in The
Johns Hopkins College in the U.S. on Physics and Astronomy. Later on, He completed his master’s degree and doctorate on Mathematics in the Imperial College of London.

Alongside his studies, he was a researcher in the Middle East Technical University and went on to be a lecturer there as well.

Arkın, who took place in many international projects, continues on to give conferences and broadcasts. Amongst these conferences and broadcasts was also UNESCO and many other respected institutions which helped him to be nominated and win awards. Sinan Arkın is continuing his science researches while also working in ARUCAD.

Sinan Arkın is the chairman of the board of trustees of ARUCAD and director of the board of AREKAV.

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