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Digital Game Design


Arvin Medghalchi is an Iranian animated filmmaker and illustrator. He has a degree in Visual arts and Visual communication design and more than 15 years of experience in directing independent animated films. He is mostly known for his stop-motion animations which have been screened and awarded from many international film festivals. His field of interest is to use mixed medium to approach the best results in visual storytelling. Lately, he has been working on his first animated feature film and a documentary.

2004 ‘’The Big Dream’’ 2D – 9min
2006 ‘’The lonely Dog’’ 2D – 4min
2009 Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘’The Black Cat’’ Stop Motion – 13min
2013 ‘’Imperfection’’ Paper Cut Animation – 6min
2013 ‘’ The Makeup’’ Cut out and Stop Motion – 5min
2014 ‘’Pinocchio’’ 2D Music video ( Officially Published )- 3min
2014 ‘’OMID ( Hope )’’ Stop Motion-9min
2016-17 ‘’Kitchen Dreams’’ Stop Motion – 14min
2017 ‘’In Mediterranean Arms’’ 2D- 2min
2016-17 ‘’Mr.Jazabgholi (Short animation series 10 episodes) 2D
2017 ‘’ Resident of the seventh deadlock’’ Documentary – Work still in progress.

Solo exhibition, Digital Art, Mehrin Art Gallery, 2004 Tehran
Group exhibition, Peace, Love and Friendship, at the cultural and artistic centre for children, 2005 Tehran

* Winner of Best Animation Asia Peace Film Festival. Pa. Edition 2017 ‘’In Mediterranean Arms’’
* Winner of Best Animation Doc. Rendezvous Film Festival Florida. USA 2015 ‘’ HOPE’’
* Winner of the Best Animation KIFEWW Film Festival Kolkata INDIA 2015 ‘’HOPE’’
* Appreciated Director from the 5th Hasanat Short Film Festival Isfahan IRAN 2016 ‘’HOPE’’
* Special Mention Best Animation Director Mowj Film Festival Kish Island IRAN 2016 ‘’HOPE’’
* Appreciated Animation Se Ma For Film Festival (scary puppets) POLAND 2010 ‘’ The Black Cat’’
* Appreciated Movie Poster design from 34th Fajr Film Festival IRAN 2016 ‘’ Risk Of Acid Rain’’
* Official Selection 9th River Film Festival ITALY 2015 ‘’HOPE’’
* Official Selection Athens Animafest Greek 2015 ’’HOPE’’
* Official Selection American Chi. Film Festival USA 2016 ’’HOPE’’
* Official Selection 52th Arvand Film Festival IRAN 2016 ’’HOPE’’
* Official Selection XV cine prob Self founded films MEXICO 2016 ’’HOPE’’
* Official Selection 11th International 100 second Film Festival IRAN 2017 ‘’In Mediterranean Arms’’
* Semi Finalist Movie valley BazzaCinema ITALY 2017 ‘’In Mediterranean Arms’’
* Special Screening Premier Marsselie Film Festival FID FRANCE 2017 ‘’Kitchen Dreams’’
* Special screening; Celebration of best artistic performance of Iran 2017 “ Tasvirsal “ (Image of the year)
* Special Jury Prize; Mowj Film Festival Kish Island. IRAN 2017
* Offiial Selection; 6 th International Khorshid Experimental Film Festival IRAN2017
* Special screening; FIDMARSEILLE 2017
* Special screening; Exground Film Festival Germany screening Best of Iran
* Special Screening; Wisconsin Iranian Film Festival USA 2018
* Special screening; 6th Festival of best Iranian Films in Paris 2018 (12-16 June)
* Official Selection; Athens Animefest 2018
* Official Selection; 6 th International Changing Perspective Film Festival Istanbul. Turkey2018

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