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Lecturer Seay Uzgöker



Seay Uzgoker started lecturing at ARUCAD Preparatory School in 2019. When he finished his high school studies at TMK, he went to London and obtained a Higher Diploma in Network Management before returning back to North Cyprus to study for his BA in English Language Teaching.

After completing his compulsory military service as a translator, he had the opportunity to work in various reputable schools as an English Teacher both locally and abroad in countries such as Kuwait and Turkey. During his early professional life, he went on to study philosophy, which was his prolonged passion, at University of Wales TSD, at postgraduate level.
Apart from language teaching, educational technologies, and philosophy, his interests lie in a variety of substantial contemporary topics such as psychology, socioeconomic stratification and sustainability, digital finance, and universal communication where he strives to better himself at every opportunity.

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