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Lecturer Şefika Borucu

Şefika Borucu


English Preparatory School


She was born and raised in Cyprus. She has completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Hull, in the UK. Her BA degree was in English Language and Literature and she continued her studies in TESOL.  Her MA thesis was based on native and nonnative English language teachers’ perceptions and self-appraisal and the language learners’ preferences that was conducted between 2013 and 2014. After graduation, she has started working at private universities in North Cyprus as a language instructor.  Besides, she has taught English at the University of Hull for 4 years, at summer school. In 2017, she started her doctoral education in ELT in North Cyprus; she is currently in her dissertation period and is advancing her research on inclusive education targeting the integrity of intercultural communicative competence. In the ongoing years of her career, she aims to create a more effective teaching environment in the light of her education, experience and research, and to share her experience with her colleagues.

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