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Lecturer Şefika Borucu

Şefika Borucu


English Preparatory School



Name Surname: Şefika Borucu

Date of Birth: 22.11.1991

Nationality: Turkish Cypriot


Mobile: 00905488733128


I am an English lecturer with eight years of work experience at different universities. After my BA degree, I have continued my education with MA grade and I am currently doing my PhD in order to impeove myself and continuous professional development. Throughout my career, I have attended many conferences and seminars to widen my scope and teaching repertoir. I am highly motivated to teach students with various cultural and educational backgrounds at different levels. I am eligible to construct a good rapport with my students and elicit their needs. In the past 8 years, I have taken a part in Syllabus and Testing teams that developed not only my academic skills, but also cooperation skills as well. In my teaching, I attempt to use 21st century teaching skills and apply student-centered pedagogy.





2017-to present  Ph. D in English Language Teaching.

2013-2014  MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. University of Hull

2009-2013 BA in English Language and Literature. University of Hull





2021- PRESENT – Language Instructor

ARUCAD University

Foundation English School (Level B1)


2020-2021 – Language Instructor

Girne American University (Level A1- online education)



2019-2020 – Language Instructor

Final International University   

Foundation English School (Level A2, B1)


2018-2019 – Testing Coordinator

 Girne American University


2016- PRESENT  – Private IELTS / IGCSE English as a Foreign Language Tuition

Private English Tuition (Age 8 – Age 25)


2016-2019 – Testing Team and Syllabus Team member

Girne American University


2015- 2019 – Language Instructor

University of Hull- Summer School (Level B2)

[Language Skills for Communication, English for Academic Purposes]


2014- 2019 – Language Instructor

Girne American University

Foundation English School (Level A1,A2, B1, B2)


2013- 2014 – Private Language Tuition  (PhD students at University of Hull)

Volunteer Teaching Assistant of Pre-sessional

 Language course



IATEFL Conference 2016

Understanding IELTS: Introduction to all 4 modules

Ken Wilson- Motivating the Unmotivated

ELT for a Day: Current Trends

Grant Kempton- An Introductıon to Pearson’s Global Scale

Grant Kempton- How To Exploit Textbook Activities

Grant Kempton- How To Construct Good Language Tests

Adrian Underhill- The Cinderella of ELT

6th CBLA SIG Symposium: Language Assessment Literacy revisited

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