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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Korkmaz Alemdar

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After graduating from Ankara Gazi High School in 1965, Prof. Dr. Alemdar received his undergraduate diploma at Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences School of Press and Broadcasting in 1969. He reveiced a scholoarship from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Education and went to France where he completed his postgraduate degree in European Studies of the University of Strasbourg (1972) and completed his doctorate degree in the communication sciences program (1975). At the same faculty, he became Associate Professor in the year 1980 and received the title of Professor in the year 1990.
In 1976, he became a research assistant at Gazi University Faculty of Communication, previously known as Ankara Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy School of Journalism and Public Relations. He joined the Ankara University Faculty of Communication in 1992 and served as the dean of Gazi University Communication Faculty between 2004-2009.
He was elected as a member of the Radio and Television Supreme Council by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in October, 2010 and carried out this duty until July, 2011. He also served at the UNESCO Turkey National Commission as Vice-President between the years 2004 and 2010 and as president at the UNESCO National Commission of Turkey Specialized Committee on Communication between the years 2004 and 2010.
Prof. Dr. Alemdar later continued to give undergraduate and postgraduate lectures in the TRNC and became faculty member of few universities.
While Prof. Dr. Alemdar’s research interests include theories and history of communications sociology theories and also popular culture, media history, journalism and journalists in Turkey, he has also written books and articles on topics such as the functioning of ethics and media industry.

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