2019-2020 Academic Year Opening Lecture

Our University’s 2019-2020 academic year opening lecture; ‘Thinking Design / Design Thinking: Cheer up Guys, This is Just the Beginning of a New Academic Year’, will be given by Prof. Tevfik Balcıoğlu on the 16th of September.

Date: 16.09.2019 – 10:00

Venue: ARUCAD Workshop Building / Design Studio

Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design, 2019-2020 Academic Year Opening Speech will cover three issues: The first two subjects are concerned with ‘Thinking Design’ and ‘Design Thinking’. ‘Thinking Design’ is a concept derived from personal academic investigation exercises. This first part is to explore how we design our thinking with certain group of theoretical tools as well as what we think design is. The second part, ‘Design Thinking’ is actually a method used by designers to materialize their projects. However, in the last two decades, ‘Design Thinking’ was introduced to the world of business as a method to be employed by almost all sectors with the purpose of creating added value and, of course, more profit. Although there are questions about its validity in certain circles, it is still popular and trendy for many people. After illustrating the differences between these two notions, based on ‘Thinking Design’ and ‘Design Thinking’, the presentation focuses on students and attempts to show them what it means to become a member of an Art and Design University.

Who is Tevfik Balcıoğlu?

He is Fellow at Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design and a design consultant living in London. He has worked as Vice Rector (2012-15) and Professor of Design (2012-2018) until September 2018 at Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey. He graduated from Middle East Technical University, attended Royal College of Art (1988-90), taught at Goldsmiths’ College (1991) & Kent Institute of Art and Design, UK (1992-2003). He is founding Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts & Design at Izmir University of Economics (2004-2011) and founding President of Design & Design History Society (4T: Tasarım ve Tasarım Tarihi Topluluğu), Turkey, (2014-2018). He was a columnist for a journal, entitled, ‘XXI Architecture, Design, Space’. His edited works include: ‘The Role of Product Design in Post-Industrial Society’, ‘Dancing with Disorder’, ‘Gender Perspectives in Design’ ‘Design and Resistance’ and a Design Journal issue: ‘A Glance at Design Discourse in Turkey’. Balcioglu is a board member of the European Academy of Design and International Committee for Design History and Design Studies. He was a design coordinator, member of the executive board and the scientific committee of Izmir Mediterranean Academy (2012-2018). Recently, he bought and restored a 450 years old Ottoman Primary School building and converted it into a TB house – Design Library- Faruk Tabak Reading Room which is open to public in week days. The building received Izmir Municipality, 2017, 15. “Respect to History Local Conservation Award”, in the category of “Substantial Restoration Where Original Function Altered”.

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