ARUCAD Art Space Design Products Exhibition Open Call


This is an open call for innovative designs needed by the global world.

An exhibition; to be organized by ARUCAD Art Space of functional products that bear the sustainable design understanding is being planned. The products will be put on sale at the same space as well.

At the exhibition, which is scheduled to be held April, works on display can be unique/one off or reproducible. If they wish so, the participants can make use of ARUCAD’s studio/workshops to model and transform their works into creations. They can also purchase external technical assistance when necessary.

Designs: household products, products used in daily life, products used at work/offices, graphic products etc.

Materials proposed to be used: plastic, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, metal, textile and so on.

Erbil Arkın
İbrahim Dalkılıç
Kim Bennett


Due Date : 29 March 2019

Note: For inquiries about studio usage conditions, studios should be contacted.

Products not selected for display must be collected from ARUCAD Art Space within one week. The gallery is not responsible for any damages that may occur to the products that are not received.

The gallery receives 40% of the sales price.

Anyone who participates in the exhibition of design products is known to have accepted this.

For detailed information: artspace@arucad.edu.tr

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