ARUCAD – BOCCHI Competition Participation Conditions

Beauty in the Breakage: From Broken to Beautiful

With this competition, BOCCHI and ARUCAD are collaborating to create an inspiring competition that will not only promote environmental awareness but also discover young talents.

We invite you to re-form these products, starting from the sinks/parts produced industrially by BOCCHI Company, which are damaged and unusable due to various reasons.

Project Overview:

The Sustainable Art Competition will serve as a platform to encourage artists, especially the younger generation, to explore sustainable art forms through the creative use of recycled materials. ARUCAD and BOCCHI will collaborate to create an inspiring competition that not only promotes environmental consciousness but also fosters the artistic expression of emerging talents. The winning artworks will be showcased at the prestigious KBIS Trade Show 2024, providing these young artists with a valuable opportunity to reach a broader audience and gain recognition for their work. Additionally, the gain generated through the exhibition will be donated to three non-profit organizations, one based in the United States, one in Turkey, and one international, further contributing to the promotion of sustainability and supporting meaningful causes around the world.


Competition Calendar:

Last Work Submission Date: 17 November 2023

Exhibition Date: 30 November – 8 December 2023


Akgun Seckiner BOCCHI USA President

Emin Çizenel (Artist)

Prof. Dr. Turan Aksoy

Assoc. Dr. Balkız Yapıcıoğlu

Asst.Prof.Dr. Esra Plümer Bardak


Participation Conditions:

  1. Competition; It is open to participation of all ARUCAD students and graduates.
  2. To participate in the competition, the material to be transformed will be obtained from The University’s Sculpture workshop by obtaining a material delivery form from the ARUCAD Culture and Arts Office.
  3. Competitors are free to create the artistic form they wish with any kind of intervention using the materials they receive.
  4. Studies must be original.
  5. Participants may participate in the competition with more than one work, but not more than three. A separate application form must be filled out for each work.
  6. Participants can participate in the competition individually or as a group. Those who will participate as a group will declare which group they belong to and fill out an individual form.
  7. The size of the participants’ works must be maximum h80cm x w50cm x d50cm.


  1. Applications can be made at ARUCAD Culture and Arts Coordinator.
  2. Applications must be made until 17 November 2023 at 17.00. Applications made after this date will not be evaluated.
  3. Participants who apply are deemed to have declared and undertaken that their works are original. In case of any disagreement or hesitation on this issue, all responsibility belongs to the applicant.


  1. The works and awards to be included in the exhibition will be determined by jury evaluation and will be presented to art lovers with the exhibition to be held between 30 November – 08 December 2023 at the venue determined by ARUCAD.
  2. Owners of the works to be exhibited will be informed by ARUCAD via e-mail.
  3. ARUCAD may use the names, visuals and features of both the candidates who apply and the people who are eligible to be exhibited for promotional purposes on social media and other communication channels.


As a result of the jury evaluation, the first prize will be $1000, the second prize will be $750, the third prize will be $500, and all artists who exhibit will be given a certificate of participation.


All works, images, written information and documents, trademarks and all kinds of intellectual property rights realized in this project belong to ARUCAD and Bocchi il Bagno Per Tutti.

It is used only by its owners and with their permission and is copyrighted. These cannot be copied, modified, rented, loaned, transmitted or published in any way without permission, and no information or documents containing text can be sold or distributed for any profit. It cannot be published in the documents of other institutions or organizations.

All participants who fill out the application form will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.

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