ARUCAD is organising a workshop on Colour Theories with Gören Bulut

Prof. Dr. Gören Bulut will lead a two day Colour Workshop as part of the Plastic Arts course ARTS121 Basic Art I.The two day workshop will take place from 10.00 am – 5.00 pm on both Monday and Tuesday, November 25 – 26, 2019, at the Design Studio, located on third floor of the ARUCAD Workshops Building.

The workshop is open to staff and students from all faculties.

Participants are asked to bring the necessary materials listed below:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Gouache paint
  • water container
  • Palette or white ceramic surface (to mix paint)
  • 35×50 cm Watercolour paper (180-200 gr.)
  • Watercolour brushes (No. 4, 6, 8)
  • Ruler, protractor, t-square and similar drawing tools


Short description of the workshop:

Colour theory is an essential part of art education. This workshop will try to teach the students the basic principles of colour by using the colour theories of Johannes Itten, one of the important instructors of Bauhaus. An introduction to main features such as intermediate and contrasting colours will be followed by a close observation of the contrast values of colours, the usage, intensity and saturation of colours with different colours. The aim of this course is to learn the basic principles of colours, to create a colour circle and from there on to move on to applied practices. The workshop was held in March 2019.

Who is Gören Bulut?

Gören Bulut, who has given over 40 years of his life to art education, was born in 1945 in Mürefte. He has graduated from Gazi Institute of Education, department of art, in 1967, specialised in Graphics in Saint Martin’s School of Art, London in 1982 and completed his Master of Arts in Chelsea School of Arts, London in 1983. He has acquired Art Proficiency from Dokuz Eylül University, Institute of Social Sciences. He was assigned to various administrative roles Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts. After retiring in 2005 Bulut took on another duty in Yaşar University, Faculty of Communication. He undertook the roles of Dean of Faculty of Communication, Founding Dean of Faculty of Art and Design and Vice Rector respectively. He conducted Review & Research trips to Poland’s Krakow Print Triennial & Academy of fine Arts & museums in Warsaw in 1991, Hungary’s József Attila University in 1998 and Hungarian Academy of Arts in Budapest and Timisoara Academy of fine Arts in Romania in 2005. He has displayed various personal and mixed work in various national and international settings and still continues to work in his workshop based in İzmir.

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