Camille Enlart Photographic Archive Exhibition Opens at Art Rooms Gallery.

You are invited to the opening cocktail of the exhibition Camille Enlart Photographic Archive on the 24th of January at 18.00 at Kyrenia, Art Rooms. The project hosted by Severis Foundation in collaboration with students from North and South Cyprus includes photographs from 19th century of Cyprus and their current images taken by the students.

In 2016, the Centre for Visual Arts and Research (CVAR)/Severis Foundation added over 500 photos, of the Archaeologist Camille Enlart from his travels between 1896-1901, to its collection. Based on this archive, CVAR brought together the students of Northern & Southern Cyprus to capture Cyprus’s visual heritage. CVAR exhibited the works that appeared at the end of the process, including photos of ARUCAD’s students, at the CVAR / Severis Foundation building between 15 October and 20 December 2019. The repetition of the exhibition takes place between 24 January and 20 February 2020 in Art Rooms Gallery, Kyrenia.

The exhibition also includes ARUCAD’ s students; Elis Ertepınar, Tanya Güryel, Mehveş Beyidoğlu Önen, Tijen Yakup ve Bahire Akmandor’s studies.

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