“Cypriot Memorial Monuments” will be spoken

2020’s first ‘Voices’ guest will be Nicolas Lambouris with “Cypriot Memorial Monuments” titled talk on the 14th of January, Tuesday at Nicosia ARUCAD Art Space at 18:00.

Inextricably political in their discourse on collective memory, monuments in Cyprus are often directly associated with national history, national narratives and symbols operating as public platforms onto which selected contexts, identities, and claims are being negotiated.

As these man-made structures become constructed signifiers of political, cultural, social and national agendas, they are transformed into asserted historical evidence that eventually permeates into collective consciousness and actively participates in historical representation. The project Propaedeutics on Memorial Structures Vol. 3 (2018), examines the nature and manifestation of the Cypriot monuments as cultural artefacts in relation to their photographic representations.

The project also investigates the act of photographing—an act of production and its consequent mediated operation—and appropriating photographic documents of cultural history as evidence of historical events.

Who is Nicolas Lambouris?

Nicolas Lambouris is a multidisciplinary visual artist and researcher. His work, primarily photographic and time-based media, deals with the investigation of collective memory, manifestations of cultural identity, and the politics of cultural landscape. Lambouris’ work has been exhibited internationally; it is part of private and state art collections, and has been published by Yard Press and IAPT Press.

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