Deadline for High School Design Competition Extended

Dear Friends,

The outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), which our country and the world have never been prepared for, has negatively affected our lives. We made some revisions in the portfolio content and delivery of our contest by taking into account the difficulties you experienced in this process, but without despair, taking advantage of the creative power of art and the meaning it adds to our lives. Remember that there are so many materials we can use in our habitats that we can only manage to see them. Let us free our thoughts. It’s like imagining a spoonful of flour is an iceberg…

TITLE OF COMPETITION: Super Heroes in Cyprus

DEADLINE: 1 June 2020 extended until 22.00 at night.



Important note: Students who have submitted their studies to their teachers at their school so far are required to send them back to the e-mail address given above.


Students are expected to prepare a digital portfolio about how the heroes in their dream world have powers and how they appear in line with these powers under the title “Super Heroes in Cyprus”.


Students can make use of any discipline in the field of visual art (painting, photography, video, digital painting, posters, comics, etc.) while preparing their portfolios. Participants must participate in the competition between minimum 1 and maximum 5 studies in different disciplines. Students can prepare their work on any paper of any size, on any surface, or in 3-dimensional fictions.

Students, their work by e – mail yarisma@arucad.edu.tr they can send it to your address. The work they apply to any paper or surface will only be photographed with a smartphone and sent to the e-mail address given above. Jpg if the work is prepared in a computer environment. it must be saved and sent in the format. If the work is in video format (provided it is at least 720p resolution), it can be sent to YouTube or Vimeo by adding links to the email address above.

The competition jury will evaluate the submitted images. Contest result, 20 days after the deadline www.arucad.edu.tr and it will be announced via the University’s social media accounts.

The following are other information that students should have in their e-mail in addition to their work;

– Student’s name-surname

– Student’s age

– Student’s phone number

– School

– Continued class

– Interests


Full scholarship from ARUCAD and a prize of 1,500 TL to the First Coming Student

Full scholarship from ARUCAD and a prize of £ 1,000 to the Second Coming Student

Full scholarship from ARUCAD and 500 TL prize to the Third Coming Student

Students will start using their scholarship the year they graduate. The scholarship of the student who does not exercise the right of scholarship in the year of graduation will not be valid later.

In addition, ARUCAD will contribute to the painting workshop of the students who have won the competition in accordance with their needs as stated below.

2,000 TL contribution from ARUCAD to the painting workshop of the First Student’s School

1.500 TL contribution from ARUCAD to the painting workshop of the Second Student’s School

1,000 TL contribution from ARUCAD to the painting workshop of the Third Student’s School

Social Media Awards

After the first 3 awards of the competition are determined by the jury members, the remaining works will be shared on ARUCAD’s Facebook/Instagram account and submitted to the vote of social media users. The 3 studies that received the most likes in this vote will receive the “Social Media Award”.

– 3 free courses from Atelier Arkin to the first student on social media

– 2 free courses from Atelier Arkin to the student who came second on social media

– 1 free course from Atelier Arkin to the third student on social media


– In each study participating in the competition, authenticity and conditions of not having received any prize in another competition are sought.

– If the submitted work is not an original work but a contrary claim and third parties claim the design, the responsibility rests with the contestant.

– The legal responsibilities arising from the non-originality of the designs participating in the contest do not bind ARUCAD, which organizes the contest. If the contestant’s statement is found to be untrue, he / she will refund all prizes and be excluded from the competition.

– ARUCAD has the right to show every work participating in the competition in television, newspapers, social media and other media outlets. Posters, brochures, models, prototypes etc. the contestant reserves the right to exhibit/exhibit the materials with his/her own accompaniment if he/she wishes, and he/she will have the right to archive all the projects participating in the contest indefinitely.

– All participants who submit their work to the competition are deemed to have accepted the conditions stated above. Participation conditions can only be changed by the contest organizers.

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