Decree of Council of Ministers – 9 April 2020


1- Education at all schools, nurseries, private tutoring/education centres and etudes to remain suspended until 30 April 2020,

2- All sports, social and cultural activities of schools to remain suspended until 30 April 2020,

3- All gatherings such as at cinemas, theatres, festivals and rallies will remain cancelled until 30 April 2020,

4- All sports competitions will be postponed and rescheduled for after 30 April 2020,

5- Public sector employees, for the exception essential services such as police, health, fire department, civil aviation, finance personnel and personnel providing similar services, will continue to remain on administrative leave until 30 April 2020,

6- All private sector enterprises such as shops, businesses, casinos, night clubs, bet offices, entertainment venues, etc, for the exception of pharmacies, petrol stations, bakeries, supermarkets and places providing basic necessities and services will remain closed until 17 April 2020,

7- Pharmacy opening hours will be 8:00 am – 1:30 pm until 17 April 2020, and on-duty pharmacies will be open until 1:30 am. There will be an additional on-duty pharmacy in each district and customers will only be allowed inside in groups of three or in limited numbers to prevent crowding,

8- Entry of all foreign nationals except for, TRNC citizens and spouses and children of TRNC citizens regardless of whether they themselves are citizens, through all land, sea and airports will be restricted until 30 April 2020,

9- All supermarkets will close at 8 pm until 17 April.


By virtue of the authority granted by Article 2 of the Curfew Law (Chapter 156), the Council of Ministers of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, intending to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), declares a ban on movement between districts commencing at 00:00 hours on April 11 and ending on April 18 at 00:00 hours.

1- Residents of the villages of Sipahi, Yenierenköy and Dipkarpaz will only be permitted to leave their residences for medical emergencies on the condition they are granted permission by the İskele District Office. All entry and exit to the villages will be carried out police control.

2- The street curfew in all residential areas other than the villages Sipahi, Yenierenköy and Dipkarpaz will be implemented under the following rules:

(1) Within the framework of measures adopted by the Council of Ministers concerning Covid-19, a partial curfew applies to all individuals, for the exception of all essential public-sector personnel (police, fire dept. municipalities, civil defence, district office, health care personnel) and private sector employees, who are permitted to work to maintain essential services between 6 am and 9 pm.

(2) A full street curfew applies between 9 pm and 6 am.

(3) Aside from the above-mentioned examples in subsection 1, individuals who must leave their place of residence for non-commercial humanitarian or health-related purposes or who require essential public services must do so within the boundaries of the district they reside in and through facilities which are closest to their place of residence. Individuals are required to return to their place of residence as soon as acquiring these services and will not be permitted to leave their homes for other purposes.

(4) All entry and exit to Lapta, Karşıyaka and Alsancak will be carried out under police control.

3- Those who violate the conditions set by the partial curfew will be subject to legal prosecution.

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