Distance Learning Environment Guide for ARUCAD Students

Dear Students,

Based on the decision No. 5 taken by the Council of Ministers within the framework of Covid-19 measures, the Board of Trustees and Senate of the university have decided to carry out all theoretical courses for the 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester, the theoretical parts of the mixed courses and the English Preparatory School courses in digital format. Within this framework, courses which cannot be delivered in digital format and the applied parts of some courses will be completed with a timetabled accelerated program after the epidemic.

Our university will use the Microsoft Teams application in distance education.

ARUCAD IT automatically have created student e-mail account studentnumber@arucad.edu.tr for every student.

On March 30, 2020 (Monday), we expect you to join the distance education program by entering the relevant “Microsoft Teams” together with the e-mail as shown below.

You can also review the Microsoft Teams Information Guide.

The registration process is completed with three phases below: You’ll be able to easily install Microsoft Teams on Windows, IOS or Android operating systems.

How will you get into the Microsoft Teams account?

  1. Students can login using e-mail studentnumber@arucad.edu.tr and password for entering Microsoft Teams.
  2. Students who will operate Microsoft Teams on a PC, shall use the following link:


Those who use their mobile phone are able to register with their student e-mail address by downloading the” Microsoft Teams” application.

  1. After completing the above, students who enter the system, shall request an entry permit or an entry code from the faculty members for the course they will take.

The process is completed with three phases in total. You’ll be able to easily install Microsoft Teams on Windows, IOS or Android operating systems.

If you have any problems logging into your account or installing application, please contact our IT Support Centre: itsupport@arucad.edu.tr

Please check your student e-mail account frequently.

We wish you all a healthy day.

ARUCAD Rectorate

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