“Distant Future” Exhibition opens on 26th of December

ARUCAD Art Space is organizing a “TYPOGRAPHIC” exhibition for the welcoming of 2020. The artists are invited to share; their ideas, foresights and expectations for the future. The exhibition’s opening cocktail will be on the 26th of December 2019, Thursday at 18:30. It can be visited during 13:00-17:30 weekdays and 10:00-13:30 Saturdays.

“A child’s dream for the future, allegedly is a utopia, a purification from toughness and cruelty. We acknowledge that the delusion of the neo-liberal politics, do not promise the heavens. Our dreams, turned into labour explotation and ethical collapse during adulthood, gradually makes us unhappier, anxious and insecure towards humanity.”

– This is one of the definitions that could be made for the present day.

How about your definitions for the future? How could you define the future with one sentence?

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