Hüseyin Özinal’s exhibition entitled “Fugitive Bodies” opens with a cocktail at Art Rooms on 16 November 2018

Hüseyin Özinal’s exhibition titled Fugitive Bodies encompasses nearly three years of intensive work. The first works that emerged in this process were introduced to the audience in April 2017 at the In-decent exhibition at Art Rooms.

The artist shares all of the 3600 works he has produced during the process up to the exhibition of Fugitive Bodies. As the compilation of the spiritual nakedness of an artist’s life, the exhibition is expressed by Özinal as follows: ‘I know that there is a world where everything is idealized and living life in this way is imposed, and I know that this world is not real. This reality is a situation that we all know and experience but despite knowing all this that many of us postpone or ignore. Some continue their lives accepting this reality as it is, while others refuse to accept it and continue to live with this illusion. Human is defective and incomplete. He is condemned to live with imperfections and incompleteness. The moment he thinks he’s completed, the fact that he is defective and incomplete slaps in his face. This is the reality.’

You are all invited to the opening cocktail on Friday, November 16, at 7pm. The exhibition will be open until December 9, 2018.

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