Partial Curfew Order

Partial Curfew Order
(Chapter 156), Order Under Article 2

In order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the Council of Ministers of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, under the authority granted to it by Article 2 of Chapter 156, The Curfew Law, has declared a partial curfew for 14 days from 00: 00 a.m. as of 23.3.2020, depending on the exceptional circumstances below.

  1. Within the framework of the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers concerning the corona virus (Covid-19), private sector employees who are allowed to work in order to meet basic needs and employees who perform essential services in the public sector (police, fire brigade, municipality, prefectures, etc.) a partial curfew is applied to individuals other than those who are exempt from curfew.
  2. Persons excluded from the scope of exemption, in accordance with Article 1 above, may go onto the streets only for the purpose of obtaining goods and services from public and private institutions whose activities are permitted under Article 1 above and will return to their place of residence after meeting these needs. No one is to to take to the streets except for these purposes.
  3. Those who fail to comply with this partial curfew will be prosecuted under the current legislation.
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