Portfolio File Information for Prospective Student

The portfolio file will be submitted to the jury members for evaluation, on the campus or online, according to the preference of the prospective student. Prospective students who lives in North Cyprus and do not have a portfolio file can also take the Scholarship Exam held on 3-4-5 June 2020. Although the presentation of the portfolio is not compulsory during the interview, the candidate will have an advantage. Prospective student who lives abroad and applies to our university will send the portfolio file via e-mail.

The portfolio may contain different original works of the following type and/or other than these;

• Free or model drawing
• Acrylic, oil, watercolor painting
• Thematic work
• Illustration/Digital Illustration
• Photo
• Video or short film
• Comic book
• Doodle and sketch
• Mixed material application
• Collage
• Animation
• Models

Portfolio file should consist of maximum 10 studies that the candidate thinks she/he represents. Students can submit their portfolios before entering the interview. Portfolio content should be prepared in CD / DVD and / or JPEG format. Prospective students can submit their portfolios via the application on our website or by uploading their work to WeTransfer in the desired format, and submitting the link to admissions@arucad.edu.tr via e-mail or personally to ARUCAD Student Affairs Office.

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