Voices, to host Mike Berg.

The guest of ARUCAD Art Space’s talk series Voices, for this month, is Mike Berg, an artist from New York, with his talk titled “It’s How I Work”.

The artist, Mike Berg’s works are concept and process based. In this month’s Voices talk, he will focus on how a series of works is conceived and developed and ultimately presented. You are invited to the talk on the 25th of February, Tuesday at 18:00 at Nicosia, ARUCAD Art Space.

About Mike Berg

For the past twenty years, New York artist, Mike Berg, born and raised in the American West, has divided his time between Istanbul, New York, and his ranch in Eastern Washington.

“Berg is a kind of aesthetic anarchist, disrupting the natural processes of decay and organizing his interventions in exquisitely layered abstraction.” Linda Yablonsky

Starting as a painter, the artist moved to making sculpture based in process and chance. Since coming to Turkey, Berg has made work in collaboration with experts in nakış and weaving in Uzbekistan, Armenia and Turkey. For fifteen years, he’s worked with the three Togay brothers, gifted metal workers in Istanbul.

Berg has shown extensively nationally and internationally. His work can be found in museums and private collections around the globe.


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