ARUCAD Career and Alumni Office

ARUCAD CAREER AND ALUMNI OFFICE offers Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design students and graduates a range of free expert services to help them find their dream job, start a business and develop essential employability skills.

Career and Alumni Center advisors are professionals who provide guidance and support to students seeking assistance in making career decisions. They have expertise in career development theories, labor market trends, and assessment tools to help students effectively explore and guide their career paths.

The Career and Alumni Center offers job-internship opportunities for current students and graduates, supports students, and organizes events and career days.

As we prepare for the professional world, we emphasize the importance of our students and graduates crafting effective resumes (CVs) and mastering proper resume writing. We are here, along with our experts, to provide support. ARUCAD members can visit our center to receive guidance and have their resumes reviewed.

To schedule an appointment, please call +90 (392) 6506555 - 1140

  • Facilitating Career Exploration: As career advisors, we assist both students and graduates in exploring various career paths and industries, and aiding in informed decision-making. We offer resources and information about diverse professions, job outlooks, and potential growth opportunities.

  • Assisting with Job Search Strategies: We offer support to students and graduates in developing effective job search strategies. Our assistance includes guidance on resume writing, cover letter creation, interview preparation, networking techniques, and job market research. We also provide guidance on online job platforms and resources.

  • Conducting Mock Interviews: To aid students in practicing interview skills and building confidence, we conduct mock interviews. We provide feedback and guidance to enhance communication, body language, and interview responses.

  • Providing Ongoing Support: Throughout the career development process, we offer continuous support and hold follow-up sessions to address challenges and concerns. We assist students in defining and refining their career goals as needed.

  • Employer Research: Gaining insights into career options.

  • Career Management and Professional Development: We not only assist you in industry-specific careers but also in postgraduate career alternatives after your undergraduate education.

  • We aid our students and graduates in connecting with various job opportunities in different fields.

  • As part of the ARUCAD family, we provide alternatives for areas where internships can be pursued.

  • In the second semester, 3rd-year students have the opportunity to intern within university departments.

  • We maintain communication with our university graduates, ensuring their information is up-to-date. This facilitates students in connecting with graduates and seeking advice for their careers.

  • Regular digital alumni newsletters are sent to facilitate communication with our graduates.

These are programs organized by the Career Office for students and graduates to get to know the business world and professions.

One of the main purposes of the Career Office is to bring our university closer to the business world and to provide job and internship opportunities for our students. In this context, we cooperate with local and international businesses and universities and create internship and job opportunities for our students in different departments

The Career Office also provides support to our graduate candidates who are at the graduation stage before the graduation ceremony.

Career and Alumni Office

Telephone: +90 (392) 6506555 – 1140

E-mail:  alumni@arucad.edu.trcareer@arucad.edu.tr

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