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ARUCAD Ciklos Wall Official

Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) carried out the Ciklos Mural Art Project in June as part of the Spring Festival. The aim of the Ciklos Mural was to transform the concrete wall that curves on the left of the road into a symbol unique to Kyrenia; it represents the nature-organic, city-geometric and traditional cultural motifs, before reaching the most beautiful point where the city could be seen on the way to Kyrenia from the direction of Nicosia.

The wall, on which the works are carried out, draws attention as one of the water drainage and landslide prevention infrastructure works of the access road located on the passageway between Kyrenia and Nicosia. The 302 meter long and 2.35 meter high concrete wall curves in the organic topography and opens to the Mediterranean landscape.

In the work where engineering and nature structures come together, it is important not to create a frame and border, to preserve the previous processed graffiti and to increase the cultural interaction, while making the concrete floor visible. The work creates a collective consciousness through individual work.

While Korhan Akbaytogan made the motif development of the study, the motif-environment-structure relationship was carried out and prepared by Asst. Assoc. Dr. Cem Yardımcı. In the project, Prof. Dr.Turan Aksoy worked on composition development, and the application details were made with the participation of nearly forty ARUCAD Art, Design, Communication students through collective workshops.

In the preparatory studies, the use of the motif for visual illusion in the history of wall painting; emphasizing the architecture and building on which it is applied; pictorial surface-wall emphasis; interior-exterior abstractions based on motifs as a painting problem; the ability to establish the relationship between the art product and architecture comfortably with geometric-abstract and organic forms and the interpretation and production of traditional, cultural arts and crafts motifs (Lefkara, Lapta İşi) were examined.

In the study, a multilingual and multicultural mural painting experience was created by organizing the visual languages created by students with different cultural backgrounds, understandings and tastes while creating their own motifs.

Academic and Stutent Contributors to ARUCAD Ciklos Mural Art Project;


1. Prof. Dr. M. Turan Aksoy
2. Asst. Prof. Dr. Cem Yardımcı
3. Lec. Korhan Akbaytogan


1. Ali Sinan Atalay
2. Selin Çiko
3. İnci Tanem Erdem
4. Kudret Ezgi Özbek
5. Sanem Baki
6. Şan Salih Tanul
7. Mustafa Akıncı
8. Seray Özer
9. Jale Karahasan
10. Altan Aydal
11. Anna Plieva
12. Simge Uzun
13. Arina Subbotina
14. Doğa Çukurovalı
15. Rabia Genç
16. Seren Aykutlu
17. Aysel Ballıkaya
18. Hatice Nevzat Tezcan
19. Selin Cansever
20. Ercan Çakartaş
21. Yazgül Ceylan
22. Kıymet Su Güçlüsoy
23. Vladislav Dmitrichenko
24. Elif Nergiz
25. Kundai Mharadze
26. Kelvin Tapiwa Tsoka
27. Abubaker İsmail Muftar Aghil
28. Göksen Karalar
29. Taha Özen
30. Devrim Deniz Apaydın
31. Rojda Çalışkan
32. Peren Önadım
33. Elif Duman
34. Aliye Güliz Baştaş
35. Tülay Pirgalıoğlu
36. Svetlana Turgut
37. Tair Smagul
38. Emmanuel Antwi Owusu
39. Augusto Macaia Gomes
40. Iteba Pcenne Amuslerusem
41. Wethembekile Uphakeme Mlala
42. Francine Rayane Lenge
43. Selin Çiko
44. Seren Aykutlu
45. Bahire Akmandor
46. Ali Baran Boşel
47. Semanur Bilaloğlu
48. Gizem Boran
49. Svitlana Sukhachova
50. Şan Salih Tanul
51. Pierre Anderson Iteka
52. Aleksandra Kondrakova

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