Arucad Cover 2

Beyond The Space

Şan Salih Tanul

(ARUCAD Faculty of Design Year 1. Student)

This model is a display of an art space. My approach in this project is to experience the reflection of light through my folded structural design. Panels joined along their longitudinal edges to form the structure, and the folded panels will intensify the reflection of the light. Each panel manipulates the direction of light reflection as well as their intensities.

Today we are facing environmental issues, natural pollution in particular. One of the most important causes of natural pollution is plastic wastes. In my opinion plastic wastes can be used as a raw material in construction industry. Today, there are several technologies to allow plastic wastes being recycled by using 3D-printing. The outcome would be flexible, which gives stability to the structural design while keeping transparency. It also lets the light enter to the building, where it would be softer and distributed better inside.

I would like to highlight that there is a contradiction between the form of natural topography and the prismatic roof structure. This contradiction creates a harmony between the natural environment of the city and the public space.

Complexity can be observed through the model, due to the folded panels and irregular prismatic roof design. It indeed creates a chaotic visual appearance while prismatic structural design causes shadows besides the sense of dynamism.

The interesting fact in my design is, each piece/panel has a defined shape. For example, they can be seen in a shape of triangle or trapezium. However, when all of these pieces/panels combine to form the building, the overall shape of the building is not definable.

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