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Registration Procedures


Freshman Registration

The freshmen registration procedures for students who have the right to enrol in the university are made by the Student Admissions and Registration Office at the dates announced by the Rector’s Office. Prospective students are required to bring the original documents required for registration.

Students who do not apply on time or do not have the necessary documentation will lose their right for registration. The Rectorate decides whether or not the excuses of those who couldn’t register is to be accepted and their registration is to be done.

Course Registration

In order to register in courses, students who are admitted to any educational program, must complete registration or registration renewal procedures at the University

Semester/Year Registration Renewal

Course registrations made by students at the beginning of each semester/year is called semester/year registration renewal. Non-scholarship, full scholarship and partial scholarship students are obliged -from the date of registration to the University, until the completion of their period of study- to renew the semester/year registration within the dates specified in the academic calendar at the beginning of each semester/year. The renewal of the registration is entirely the student’s responsibility.

Students who do not renew or freeze their registration cannot benefit from student rights such as postponing military service, receiving student certificate, etc.

How to register?

Courses will start immediately after enrolment and students with a valid excuse will be able to register until the last day of late registrations stated at the academic calendar. After having completed your enrolment you can take the English Proficiency Exam to determine your English language level (detailed information is provided on the following pages).

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