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In ARUCAD we offer the opportunity for all of our students to further develop their skills, to be successful and as a graduate, to make a real difference in society. The most suitable factor which suits the environment of a university that focuses on art-design-communication is for students to be taught the essentials of their faculties theoretically, as well as aiding them to use their applicational and real-life skills as they should. With this in mind, along with an academic team that is well-known worldwide we have workshops, studios and laboratories with the focus on maximum production capacities.
Our university’s educational motto is to “learn while creating and to create while learning”. Here in ARUCAD, we are working to create an environment that can help our students to explore and develop their skills. We have an educational model that help our students reach their utmost potential and encourage them to find their skills.
In ARUCAD, you can join art societies that are prominent, join clubs and travel around the world to exhibit your creations. In our university you will become a part of the international web, sewn by our internationally renowned local and foreign artists and academics. We know that you are making a huge leap in your life and we will always be there to help you in making your dreams come true. ARUCAD is a university which will help you explore your creativity and help you make your dreams come true.

Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi
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