Vice Rector (Academic Affairs)


At ARUCAD, we believe in the synergy of art, design and communication fields, and we act with an instructional approach in which practice and theory are carried out hand in hand. We have adopted the 21st century higher education competencies framework with our theme oriented perfectionism approach in the field of higher education, where a competitive environment is rapidly increasing as an outcome of technological advances. In this framework, we aim to develop our students as individuals who can question, have an independent and original mindset, respect not only people but also all kinds of living things, nature and cultural heritage, while equipping our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies in the fields of art, design and communication. At ARUCAD, we are aware of the fact that societies are built on historical accumulations in social, political, environmental and technological terms, and we would endeavor to encourage creative and intellectual students who are integrated with the future while protecting the past values. At this point, your ARUCAD experience will enable you to discover your potential and shape your future with its art centers, workshops and studios.

Prof. Dr. Nezahat Doğan
Vice Rector
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