Vice Rector (Social and International Affairs)

İbrahim Dalkılıç

ARUCAD offers educational opportunities to its students as a university that is based on the interaction of Art, Design and Communication in a geographical location that has hosted many civilizations and has a cultural richness and historical background, within an ecosystem where they intersect and strengthen. University education is not only an academic development but also a cultural development, and it has adopted as its mission that our students   contribute to their creativity and critical thinking skills while developing their intellectual knowledge as a part of their educational process.
ARUCAD offers a strong future to its students by providing them with the sensitivity, communication skills, artistic accumulation and abilities that will form the basis of self-actualization in their life journeys.
In the belief that art forms the basis of civilisation, ARUCAD is the aspiration of a world where every corner of the future is blended with art, that has timeless designs within a communicative environment that makes our existence strong.

Asst. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Dalkılıç
Vice Rector
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