Mission & Vision


ARUCAD aims to make cultural and intellectual contributions to the society, while creating a higher education environment with a creative, egalitarian and innovative perspective that will meet the needs of the era by utilizing the transitive qualities of art, design and communication disciplines. ARUCAD students are educated as individuals who are sensitive to natural heritage, have a critical perspective and universal ethical values. ARUCAD, which focuses on design and creativity in all its processes, has taken on a mission to create opportunities that will improve the integration of society with art.

ARUCAD, which has adopted an educational philosophy that enables its students to learn to produce through experiential learning since its establishment, aims to leave the artistic and cultural heritage it creates to the society.


ARUCAD’s vision is to combine the global and local art, design and communication disciplines in an up-to-date, innovative, questioning and production-oriented environment. One of the basic principles of the university’s vision is to raise individuals who are equipped with ethical values, committed to making positive contributions to the society as a principle, and are sensitive to environmental and sustainability issues. ARUCAD aims to be one of the few thematic universities in the world that approaches education and research with an interdisciplinary approach in an ecosystem where transversal skills are blended and integrated.

ARUCAD aims to contribute to the art scene of the region with the rich diversity of students and faculty members coming from different geographies and cultures and transform Cyprus once again to an intercultural setting.

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