• Academic Excellence

With a student-centered and production-oriented interdisciplinary education approach, its highly qualified academic staff, curricula developed in accordance with international accreditation standards and international collaborations, ARUCAD supports the implementation of its goal of raising individuals who can integrate their ideas with the changing world, adopt universal cultural values as a principle, and have global citizenship awareness.

  • Creative and Critical Thinking

ARUCAD inspires, challenges, encourages creative and interrogative thinking, along with exceptional philosopher, visionary individuals, and practitioners who are passionate about influencing and developing society, through focusing on questioning while seeking perfection, and creativity while seeking the more improved.

  • Sustainability

Ecological values are taken into consideration in the production processes and in the use of materials, and it is not overlooked that the future will be habitable based on the correct practices implemented nowadays. ARUCAD has an education model that enables sustainability producing through learning and learning through producing.

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

ARUCAD values diversity and encourages an environment where different perspectives can be expressed freely and respectfully.  Diversity is acknowledged as a richness and the most powerful asset at ARUCAD since diversity enhances creativity and quality of the educational processes and services at an institution. Mutual respect and understanding and equal treatment in all the aspects of our institutional endeavor is vital.

  • Community Engagement

ARUCAD attaches great importance to the realization of artistic and cultural activities that will enable social development in line with its goal of contributing to the society culturally and intellectually as stated in its mission. It aims to meet the artistic needs of the society, to ensure that art-design products have a place in society through the right values, and to interact with the society by taking into account the importance of culture and art in sustainable development.

  • Research

ARUCAD encourages its students to become questioning individuals and provides them with an academic environment that allows for scientific research, and observes an integrated development. In addition, it supports the career development of its academics and carries out its teaching and research activities in line with the mission and vision of the University. The university also encourages lifelong learning and offers enabling experiential processes.


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