Tekstil ve Moda Tasarımı
Faculty of Arts

Textile and Fashion Design


The ARUCAD Department of Textile and Fashion Design trains designers who can design fabric and surfaces of fabric, which comprise the essential elements of garments and accessories that we use in every moment of our lives, as well as which complement our appearance with accompanying accessories. They possess the skills to solve the technical stages involved in the fashion design process, understand the concept, collection, and styling relationship, and have the ability to create, design, and analyse garments and accessories.


The vision of the department is to train fashion and textile designers, particularly requiredin our region, who have the capability to generate and bring design ideas to life and to facilitate the students in exploring trends and dynamics of the market, to create brandsand develop creative product analyses, to provide a broad perspective encompassing contemporary patterns, sewing techniques and presentation formats, thus making them visionary in carrying out the design process, while also nurturing socially responsible fashion designers with a keen awareness of the industry’s needs and sensitivity towards professional ethics.


Graduates of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design can find employment opportunities in design workshops, fashion agencies, fashion houses, all kinds of clothing companies, workshops producing clothing accessories, textile and weaving workshops, design departments, R&D departments, and individual entrepreneurship. They may also pursue postgraduate education and work as faculty members in relevant departments at universities.

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