The purpose of the ARUCAD Acting Department is to train artists who contribute creatively or practically, who have contemporary acting and text interpretation skills, who are sensitive to the current social agenda and who are distinctive in works such as cinema, video, theatre, performance, digital theatre, commercials, and music videos. While our education programme applies theory and practice in a balanced manner, it enables students to produce works together with other students of our University with an interdisciplinary approach.

At the end of each semester, our students take part in activities where they can bring their creative works together with other relevant departments to the audience. In order to complete their academic education and to develop mutually within the social environment and local culture they live in, they experience learning while teaching by taking responsibility in public courses and workshops.

“As actors and directors, graduates can participate in festivals and competitions with their theatrical productions or establish an independent theatre group. They can contribute to all cinema, theatre and TV productions related to acting as an actor, voice actor, stage manager, playwright/scriptwriter or assistant director. They can become academicians or expert practitioners by continuing their programmes.”

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