Faculty of Design


The profession of architecture has become one the most preferred and sought-after profession in our region and the world.


The graduates of the department have knowledge about following the basic problems related to their field and presenting current solutions / suggestions that require these problems. Within this framework, the task of the graduates of the department is to architecturally design of all buildings (housing, accommodation, commercial social structures, etc.).

They also play an important role as a controller during the construction of the designed buildings. Architects do not only address aesthetic issues in the structures they design. but also have to consider, the structure, ergonomics, comfort, accessibility, health and safety of their buildings.

Our architecture program aims to ensure the continuous development of educational programs that will ensure competency in relevant fields in accordance with the modern-day requirements. Businesses opportunities for the graduates of the program ranges from public institutions to the private sector. In addition, graduates on the program can operate their own offices. Graduates of the Department of Architecture can also continue their master’s and doctoral studies and work in academic institutions.

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