Faculty of Communication

Digital Game Design


The rapidly growing global digital game industry, which seems to be focused on software development, can actually be designed as holistically through the discipline of communication, as it is essentially an entertainment media / medium and requires the production of audio-visual content.

The digital game industry today is one of the main trends of the communication industry, which can be described as digital nativism and puts the generation born into digital technology into focus.

With this programme, ARUCAD focuses on this field of education that meets the future by foreseeing the future social position of the generation known as digital nativist. The Digital Game Design programme is also supported by the university profile and mission of ARUCAD in terms of being an educational field based on communication science and enriched by the design and art fields. The students of the department will graduate with an intense practical education where they can learn the fastest growing digital game design with all its components within the scope of creative industries which are considered an important production and consumption ecosystem in the digital society.


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