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Urban Design and Landscape Architecture


Human activities such as global overpopulation and intense urbanisation have led to the decline, degradation, and/or disappearance of many natural (e.g., forests, coastlines, and marine life) and rural areas (e.g., agricultural lands). These negative developments primarily contribute to various environmental issues, including climate change, drought, erosion, and flood disasters. Increasing environmental problems at the global, regional, and local levels not only adversely affect people’s quality of life but also lead to the rise of numerous health (e.g., Covid-19), social (e.g., rural-urban migration), and economic (e.g., decline in food production and security due to loss of agricultural land) problems. Growing environmental problems particularly result in detrimental consequences in urban areas, such as air-water-soil pollution, solid waste, transportation, noise pollution, and natural disasters. Thus it is that the preservation, improvement, and establishment of existing natural and other green spaces in urban areas to contribute to holistic human health are among the most important national goals of developed countries. To reduce, control, and generate solutions for the aforementioned environmental problems, the demand for the profession of “Urban Design and Landscape Architecture” has rapidly increased in developed countries and Turkey. Especially considering that the negative effects of overpopulation and urbanisation will continue until 2050, one of the main objectives of future cities will be “creating a healthy environment and enhancing the quality of urban life.” In this context, a continuous and rapid increase in the demand for the profession of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture is expected.

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture is a professional discipline that aims to protect, restore, and improve existing landscapes and create new landscapes in urban areas using scientific and artistic principles to enhance people’s quality of life. In this regard, the purpose of the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design/Faculty of Design is to train “Urban Design and Landscape Architects” who possess the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to preserve biological diversity, support food production and sustainability in rural areas, and create functional and aesthetically rich landscapes in urban areas.


The vision of the department is to educate creative and contemporary professionals with high research, interdisciplinary work, and artistic skills, equipped with theoretical knowledge and practice to design and plan ecological and social systems using an integrated approach based on international standards and ethical values. The department aims to be a department that conducts scientific and artistic activities, supports national and international cooperation, transforms original ideas into design and practice, provides quality education with theoretical knowledge and modern technologies, and is responsive to social and environmental problems.



Graduates of the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture receive a “Diploma in Urban Design and Landscape Architecture.” Graduates are also able to actively work by becoming members of the Chamber of Landscape Architects and obtaining the title of “Landscape Architect.” The career opportunities in the field of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture are extensive. Graduates can work in Urban Design and Planning, Architecture and Construction offices, as well as in many public institutions such as Municipalities, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, the General Directorate of National Parks, the General Directorate of Highways, and Non-Governmental Organisations. Our graduates can also establish their private offices. Additionally, they can choose an academic future by pursuing a master’s degree.

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