To find out the availability of your selected room type please select one of the given options below. Please ensure that you also read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the APART as detailed below.

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500 €

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500 €

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2.150 €



500 €

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  Note: 5% VAT is included
Electricity, water and cleaning fees are not included in the fee.     
*A total of 500 € is payable in advance (pre-registration fee 250 € and apartment deposit 250 €). All fees paid are non-refundable.
1. I acknowledge and declare that the Apart registration covers 1 (one) Academic Year (2 (two) Academic Terms – Fall & Spring semesters) specified in the Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) 2024- 2025 Academic Calendar.

2. I accept and declare that in case of canceling my registration from the university before the end of the Academic Year, freezing my registration, and/or voluntarily moving from the Apart to another residency/property, I will pay the full annual fee specified for my chosen Apart.

3. I acknowledge and declare that by making a reservation of my chosen apart, I have to pay a total of 500€, which includes 250€ Pre-Registration fee and 250€ Apart deposit fee in advance.

4. After I have pre-registered for my chosen Apartment, I accept and declare that the pre-registration and deposit fee I have paid in advance will not be refunded in any given circumstances; such as changing of mind or voluntarily giving up my chosen apart, not completing University or course registration process to the university, visa denial, non-arrival to Northern Cyprus or withdrawal, etc.

5. I accept and declare that after paying the pre-registration and deposit fee OF 500 € in advance, I will pay the remaining debt of my chosen apart in full by 23rd September 2024.

6. I accept and declare that I am responsible for the supply of providing my own personal belongings such as slippers, towels, soap, shampoo, pillows, duvets, sheets, duvet covers, kitchen utensils, etc. that I will use during my stay at the Apart.

7. I accept and declare that my apartment reservation will be valid for 24 hours only once submitting the booking form. It will be my responsibility to prepare and deliver the documents requested by me/my representative during this process. Should I be unable to fulfil the given criteria, my reservation will automatically be cancelled without any prior notice.

8. I accept and declare that I will pay all the electricity and water bills used during my stay at the Apart, to the required authorities and on the dates specified by the Apartment Management.

9. I accept and declare that I will comply with the Apartment Management, Disciplinary Directive, Apartment Rules and all the articles written above, and that if I do not comply, the Apartment Management may vacate the room I stay in without prior notice and I will not be refunded any of my paid Apart fees.


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