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23 June 2023
Kyrenia Public Library

“Creation is the central concept of this project. By mostly focusing on religious paintings and artifacts, the research seeks to analyze the theory of knowledge of creationists, philosophers, scientists’ and theologians on creation, evolution and art. The most interesting part about the work of the artists chosen is that they all have one thing in common, creation, leaning more to the symbolic biblical perspective

The aim is to evaluate the impact that nature has on art and how nature evokes human emotions and mindfulness. The objective is to experiment with various techniques and different materials such as plaster, paint and canvas; as well as, natural materials such as clay, sand and wood. The project includes fabric material and air fans designing an art illustration which produces nature sound effects. A dance performance will convey balance, movement, rhythm, pattern and texture.

In anticipating the outcome, the project requries studying and observing how nature takes different forms. A blend of natural colours and detailed patterns expresses actual form in nature to abstract works of art.”

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