Nothing Is Going To Hurt – Hüseyin Özinal

Event Information

28 April 2023
Art Rooms

Art Rooms is pleased to announce Hüseyin Özinal’s second solo exhibition (thirteenth in total) to be held at Art Rooms. The artist’s exhibition “Nothing is Going to Hurt You” will meet with the audience between April 28, 2023, and June 22, 2023. Curated by Oya Silbery, the exhibition brings together Özinal’s photographs and glass sculptures, as well as works selected from a total of 4749 works produced with different techniques in the last three years. The exhibition also includes a visual research video by Rahme Veziroğlu. Conceptually, the exhibition “Nothing is Going to Hurt You” does not only consider death as a confrontation but also obsessively explores life against death, hopeless/desperate resistance to death and the view of life through death in terms of art practice. The exhibition book will be published after the opening of the exhibition and will include reviews of Özinal’s works by Esra Plümer Bardak, Evren İnançoğlu, Anber Onar and Pervin Yiğit.

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