Solutions For Small Places: How To Live In a Tiny House

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3 June 2021
You are invited to our Webinar: «Solutions for Small Places: How to live in a tiny house» with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Balkiz YAPICIOĞLU, who is our lecturer in the Faculty of Design.
This short webinar aim is to depict the main background of these trends, focusing on the user and the cultural steps which influenced our present.
Nowadays, with the spreading of smart working, the community of digital nomads is truly becoming more than a lifestyle: a dream for the most, a goal for the braves, and a natural path for the wild souls.
Aside from these radicals, those who live on an endless backpacking tour, many others, with a more sedentary life, choose to have a second home without roots, if not the primary dwell. Nevertheless, this latest sanitary emergency forced self-isolation as never before. Among the consequences of this year of fear for Covid-19 and social distancing, we can record the incredible spread of remote works, the need of an office area at home, the dinners spent dreaming to be at the restaurant thanks to all kinds of delivery and the increasing demand for small yachts and campervan in every shape. The typical “house on wheels” (or fins) allowed its dwellers to reach more isolated places with the possibility to move away very easily, bringing the essentials for a domestic life everywhere. In parallel to these full-equipped and very cosy “take away homes”, another trend has grown in popularity during the last decades: “living big in a tiny house”, as claim the book manifesto of this movement. Tiny houses are basically one-room/narrow-homes based on foundations as well as wheels or floating platforms… The idea is to “live with less” renouncing to square meters of space in favour of a higher contact with the outdoors and the freedom of moving easily with the lightest investment, in terms of money and energy.
Date: 3rd of June, 2021
Time: 16:00
YouTube, Facebook live
Language: English
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